Enjoy Great Retirement Options At The Village In Florida

For those who reach retirement age there are some decisions that they need to make as to where they spend the rewards that they have gained through a lifetime of hard work. One of the most important decisions is where exactly they will be spending that retirement.

There is probably one state that will be near the top of the list for anyone who really wants to spend their senior years enjoying a great lifestyle – and that is Florida.

Retirees have been flocking to a development called The Village in Florida for over 30 years. During this period the age restricted community has built a reputation as one of the best places for active seniors to enjoy a lifestyle that is fun, secure and healthy and allows them to enjoy the company of like minded people.

The Village takes advantage of the great weather that Florida boasts, as well as some of the best recreational facilities of any age restricted community in the state – or for that matter in the United States.

Take for instance the fact that the community boasts a number of executive golf courses where residents are granted free lifetime membership. Given that gold is incredibly popular as a pastime with retirees this makes living in The Village an obvious choice for those who want to enjoy a round of golf on a regular basis.

But the options for enjoying the company of other like minded seniors at The Village does not stop on the golf course. The community plays host to over 2,500 social clubs. This means that not only can those involved in the social clubs share their favorite hobbies and interests – but there is also ample opportunity to explore new areas of interest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what really makes The Village such a wonderful place to live – a sense of community. And the founders were well aware of that. They insisted that three traditional town squares be developed so that people could interact with each one on one – making it a friendly and neighborly place to make your home.

Then of course there are the maple shopping and nightlife opportunities featuring some great restaurants. And the number of these will allow residents to enjoy a vast choice when it comes to their meals.

A great place to spend your retirement.